At DP Inspection, Inc. we know that the key to success and sustainability is providing superior client relations. Our number one priority is to ensure that our Inspection and Lab Testing services exceed the highest industry standards. Our mission promotes superior client relationships, while ensuring all jobs are properly documented with daily reports, lab testing reports, and final city reports. It is our goal, to make sure the contractor is prepared for city inspections by providing them with complete and accurate reports depicting the work that has been inspected by our special deputy inspectors.

DP Inspection, Inc. prides itself on differentiation in an industry that at times, forgets it foundation: delivering outstanding customer service while minimizing the bottom line for clients. We are here to lend a helping hand through all your construction endeavors, be them big or small, in any economic environment.

Our incomparable sense of duty promoted an environment that welcomes customers to feel as if they have known us for years. We welcome you to experience this guarantee for yourself through our unparalleled gamut of services that can be found below.

Lab Testing (includes pickup, testing, and reports - all jurisdiction):

  • Concrete test Cylinder breaks
  • Mortar & Grout Cylinder breaks
  • Shot Crete core panels
  • UBC Prism Single Unit
  • Compression test on Cores
  • Rebar chemical analysis
  • Fireproofing Density
  • Rebar tensile test
  • Rebar Bend Test


Types of Special Inspections Services:

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