About Us

DP Inspection, Inc. is a multi-faceted, deputy inspection company based in Southern California that has provided exceptional services to the construction industry for over 20 years. We have served each and every client with the utmost satisfaction, respect, and loyalty.

Our reputable customer service has allowed us to become a preferred inspection firm in our industry. We practice unwavering ethics and an unrelenting drive to serve you. Regardless of the size of the project, DP Inspection, Inc. is committed to forming a collective and cohesive team at all levels; assuring that we have the owner's and the engineer's best interest at hand, as well as working diligently with the contractors to complete their projects in an effective and efficient manner.

What sets DP Inspection apart from the rest?

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DP Inspection was formed two decades ago with one goal in mind, to provide exceptional customer service in every job, both big or small. Our mission today remains unchanged. The founder of DP Inspection, Inc., David Pena, promised that he would always personally manage all projects and relationships with a commitment to high quality inspections and customer service. Today that promise still remains unbroken.


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